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The hospital medical services provide good, quality and affordable health care services to all the patients. This was made possible through the concerted efforts of the hospital staff, who works as a team.


Medical Department

The Department of Internal Medicine is committed to provide health services to patients seen at the OPD and Emergency Room on a 24/7 basis. As a Level III hospital, a single Medical Officer or Resident on Duty per department is still inadequate to meet the 24/7 hours duty.



Pediatric Department

The Pediatric Department caters to almost all pediatric cases in the hospital. There are four Pediatric Residents and each goes on a 24-hour duty. One Resident is assigned at the emergency room and one goes on 8-hour duty at the OPD. A Diplomate Pediatrician is acting as Medical Specialist in this Department. Despite of the existing number of Residents, they are still inadequate to cover a particular duty shift.





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